A New Start

If you know me, you may remember that I used to write a blog on brightwind.org several years ago. I was young and really excited about living in China, posting photos and blogging about everything in my mind. When my mother got cancer, however, I lost my blogging steam. I found myself in a different place in my life, where I didn’t need to express things outwardly so much — my inner life became much more important, with lots of questions I had to resolve on my own before I was ready to speak with the world in a public format like this again.

Times have certainly changed since then. I met my wife in 2008, and married her in 2009. My wife helped a great deal in easing my mother’s passing later that year, and she held me as I held my mother’s hand for the last time. We decided to have a baby pretty quickly, and I’m now the father of a young 1 and a half-year old boy. We live here in Nanjing, China, and my English-teaching career is going better than ever.

It’s time to start blogging again! I have become keenly aware of how short life can be, as well as how precious. I live an interesting life that’s worth writing about, and after everything that’s happened, I realize you never know how long you’re going to have before your chance to write and share with others is over.

So I start this blog once again, while at the same time thinking of the day that it will end. I’m not so morbid as to think that will necessarily be the day I die — perhaps some other technology will replace the Internet as we know it today, or another pressing concern will consume all my blogging time. But sooner or later, the day will come that this blog will cease, and like my life, I hope it will have served its purpose and fulfilled its potential by that time.

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  • David, so sorry to hear of your loss; but I am very happy to hear you are happily married with munchkin with a fulfilling job in China. Bill and I are still happily married and happily serving at the Baha’i National Center and Abigail is doing great in high school and life. She has grown up to be a very detached and level headed young lady (naturally spiritual) Her favorite hobby is writing books. Smile.

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