What is truth?

For my first post on this new blog, I'd like to begin with the classic question of what truth is, or at least what I mean when I say that I'm exploring it here.

The truths I'm looking for aren't so much about who is right and who is wrong as they are a sort of relative improvement over our current understanding. I believe that there is such a thing as "absolute truth," but the human mind is not capable of fully grasping it -- the best we can do is understand reality from our limited perspective. We cannot encompass all the truth there is, simply because we are a part of reality, we are not removed from it. We can only understand the parts of it that exist within our capacity to perceive and comprehend, and whatever is above us or outside the grasp of our mind may seem like magic, myth, superstition, or random luck. That said, however, our ability to perceive and comprehend is increasing all the time -- who knows what we may discover? The shore of the sea of incomprehensible mystery may not be so close as we think.

The truths I'm looking for don't belong to just one category or another either -- they are not only scientific, nor religious, nor economic or sociological, but all of these and more, in a holistic sense. All human systems of knowledge, including science and religion, should be viewed as complimentary and cooperative by both scientists and religionists, otherwise key insights will be overlooked.

Those are the main principles I'm going forward with here, I think. The rest is a whole bunch of questions.

Welcome to the Valley of Search

Greetings! This is a website about the investigation of truth. My name is David Bowers, and I'm from America. My wife Sanjana is from India, and our son Benjamin was born here in China on July 7, 2010.

Together we are a world family, and our quest for insight explores a range of scientific, religious, social and economic questions as far and as wide as our curiosity can reach.

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